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Photographers/ Videographers

Memories are wonderful, but being able to summon scenes of such revelry by just flipping an album cover is priceless. We can arrange for the best in the business to capture your special moments on camera, so you can preserve them for posterity.
If love is blooming in your life, and you are ready to give your hand to your most trusted person is called “the wedding” where the memories should be collected and this is a memorable occasion in the lifetime of a person. Every young boy and girl eagerly waits for this very special day when they will be treated like “a king and a queen.” As such, the person would want this special occasion to be captured by the camera forever. This is where wedding photography comes in the picture.

Indian Weddings comprise of so many pre and post wedding functions, such as the sangeet, engagement party, haldi and the tilak ceremony are should be captured. Also, in a typical Indian family, all the aunts and uncles and the other assorted relatives would want to get themselves photographed individually with the bride and groom.