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As you walk around the fire or down the aisle, we will make sure that you have a priest to guide you through and perform the sacred ceremony.

The Wedding Priest plays a very important role in Hindu Marriages. After all, besides the Bride & Groom, the Priest is the third most important person on the wedding day. So choosing the right Wedding Priest who is suitable for your requirements is quite essential. In this day and age where there are many inter-faith and inter-cultural marriages taking place, it is more important than ever that the Wedding Priest is able explain the various stages of the traditional Hindu Wedding.

The priest performs the wedding ceremony according to our Hindu Vedic scriptures. During the wedding the priest explains the ceremony to the couple getting married and to all your invited guests. we try and ask that everyone remains silent and acts as witnesses to your wedding ceremony as I feel it is important that the Hindu priest does all he can to make this a very special day for the couple and the ceremony is enjoyed by all who attend.

The wedding ceremony is carried out on Educational basis and an awareness of Hindu spiritual teachings is passed on to all present. Wedding have now taken a new approach. Young people want their marriages to be performed in complete silence with a proper explanation of what rituals and vows they are undertaking and why.